Breed Information

Things to know.

Training your new Frenchie

Many people say that the French Bulldog is a very stubborn breed. In our experience they are a little stubborn, but they have such a desire to please there humans, and have a high drive for dog treats. With dog treats that they can be easily trained. Frenchies do have great personalities and need to be given positive reinforcement.

We here at FamilyFrenchies like to recommend to crate train your puppy. We will teach you in full details on how to do so before you take your puppy home. We also recommend to attend a puppy training class. These classes are great for frenchies because, they get to learn some important commands that will benefit the puppy and you in the long run. These classes are also fun and socialize your puppy in a positive way.


  • Cleaning of the facial folds (Cute Face Wrinkles) is very important because if not cleaned the area can get very irritated.
  • Occasional brushing of the coat keeps it looking shiny and reduces shedding.
  • Regular ear cleaning and nail trimming.
  • Paws and Nose sometimes gets dry and can be moisturized with coconut oil.

 Feeding & Toys

  • Frenchies must be feed good quality foods that are grain free. Some of the brands we like are Kirkland Salmon, Orijen, Acana, Fromm, and Natural Balance.
  • Frenchies can also be on a Raw Food diet.
  • ​Frenchies are good at breaking toys so you must make sure that you get some tough toys. One of the toys we like to give our pups are Kong toys, Busy Buddy Bristle dog toy, and Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball.
  • Rope toys are a big no for French Bulldogs. 
  • ​Our favorite

  Health Care and Concerns

One of the most important things you must do once you buy your frenchie is to find a great vet that has experience with the breed. Make sure to provide your frenchie with routine checkups, heart worm prevention, tests for intestinal parasites, routine dental checkups, and always make sure their vaccinations are up to date. Having all of this done in a timely manner can significantly help with keeping your companion safe and healthy.

As a short-faced and small breed, French Bulldogs may have some health concerns that you need to know. The short face can make their breathing less efficient than that of a long nosed breed. Frenchies can not be out in the heat, and can not exercise to much because it will increase there need to breath, then they will start panting and not be able to catch their breath. Make sure to keep them cool in warm weather and offer them water as well as spraying them with water to cool them down. If your dog is not able to catch his breath, and starts to foam at the mouth you need to get him/her to a vet.

A French Bulldogs spine also needs special attention because this is a dwarf breed. While we have not had any problems with the spine of our dogs we like our future puppy owners to know that you must not let your frenchie jump from high places or play to rough with other dogs. This breed must NEVER be left alone around water (pool, lake) because they are poor swimmers due to their front heavy structure, and could drown easily.